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Check out Hozier chat through ‘Nina Cried Power’ on Song Exploder

Song Exploder is among the more popular music podcasts currently doing the rounds on social media.

On it, an artist talks through the creation of a particular track. Usually, the discussion includes the thematic impetus behind a track as well as the more nooks and crannies aspect of crafting a song.

Taking up the reigns on the most recent episode is our very own Hozier. The Irishman talks through the writing and recording of ‘Nina Cried Power’, his 2018 anthem which featured vocals from Gospel legend Mavis Staples.

It’s a fascinating listen, well deserving of your time. Among the highlights is the insight the episode gives into Hozier’s writing process – from the very first moments the song was conceived. However, hearing the isolated vocals from Hozier and Staples is genuinely goosebumps-inducing.

Go check it out.

Who knew that it was Booker T who played the organ on this?

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