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Fabulous interview from Hi-Fi Popcorn Bobby with Clues who play here next week. That interview also throws up this gem of a video which you really must watch right now.

In other news – Public Enemy are using Sellaband to raise $250,000 for their next album. I wrote about it here. Loads of other stuff over there including Death Mob Dublin, Google Wave explained, Jesus Christ (The Indie Band) and a bonkers Múm video.

Don’t forget, tomorrow as part of HWCH, I’ll be participating in panels and talks galore with brilliant people like Anthony from The Hype Machine, Sean from Drowned in Sound, UnaRocks and James Foley of Record of the Day. The Button Factory – 2pm.

Later that night – Banter hosted by Jim with myself and Una discussing blogs and DJing after between the HWCH bands from 10:45pm. RSVP here.

After the jump you’ll find the bands on my schedule for HWCH in case you don’t know what you’re looking for yourself. I’m in New York for CMJ next week so no updates til then.

Friday – Villagers / The Brothers Movement / The Ambience Affair / Not Squares / Talulah Does the Hula / Heathers.
Saturday – Adebisi Shank / Gran Casino /Kill Krinkle Club / The Holy Roman Army / Mail Order Messiahs / The Spook of the 13th Lock / Hunter Gatherer / Valerie Francis / Escape Act / Rory Grubb / O Emperor / The Dying Seconds.
Sunday – Robotnik / Jogging /Biggles Flies Again / Sound of System Breakdown / Super Extra Bonus Party / Autumn Owls.