CMAT is the new Irish artist you need to know

Luke Sharkey

Today we want to show you ‘Another Day (kfc)’, the debut single from Irish artist CMAT.

CMAT is the moniker of Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson, a self-touted global pop star based out of Dublin, formerly of The Bad Sea.

Her charismatic debut single plays like a dive bar rhapsody, a wry smile through gritted teeth after getting your heart broken.

On the inspiration behind ‘Another Day (kfc)’ the CMAT says “this song is about a breakdown that I had at a KFC a few years ago when my debit card got declined, but it’s really about getting dumped. Getting dumped is a specialist skill of mine, and I really wanted to highlight the humour and joy that can be found when people are at their most pathetic.”

That sense of humour is palpable, starting with the lyrics and continuing right the way through the lyric video which modestly announces an oncoming ‘Sick Guitar Shred’.

The lyrical tone works so well with the arrangement, a driven country-tinged bit of rock & roll that with a pop-centric melodic sensibility.

The hook is right at the core of what makes ‘Another Day (kfc)’ such a compelling debut single. A descending chord progression works in tandem with CMAT’s vocals, offset by some syncopated horn blasts and doo-wop styled backing vocal hits.

It’s supremely catchy, richly arranged and genuinely funny. A memorable debut from an artist whose tone and presentation seems unlike anything anyone else on our island is doing.

Like the single? Well CMAT is going to be doing a live stream on the Nialler9 IG next Tuesday at 8.30pm.

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