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Crunchy crunchy Subscape remix

Crunchy crunchy Subscape remix



Subscape is well urban photoshoot innit?

This song is crunchier than Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.. Oooh listen to that crunch..

The Qemists – Dem Na Like Me (Subscape Dub)

From what I can ascertain The Qemists from listening to their album for ten minutes before turning it off before Christmas, is that the band sound a lot like the current incarnation of Pendulum. These two remixes were sent to by Ninja Tune. The original ‘Dem Na Like Me’ featuring Wiley is out as a single out on 26th of January.

This remix by pretty good too.

The Qemists – Dem Na Like Me feat. Wiley (King Cannibal remix)


!Kaboogie celebrate their 3rd birthday on Friday with !Kaboogie meets Bristol Uptown… in Twisted Pepper. In the blue corner – Parasite (death$$ucke/dswat), Ironside (Live set MP3) / Dub Boy / ATKI2. They’re up against Sunken Foal, Sunil Sharpe, Sixfoot Apprentice, Red Monk and Richie !Kaboogie in the other. Free CD for first 150 in the door.