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Daedelus and Jogger EP

Daedelus and Jogger EP

Speaking of LA beatmakers, there’s a new release from Daedelus in the form of split 6-track EP with Jogger on the Friends of Friends label. The idea involves Friends of Friends inviting an artist to do a split EP; they in turn invite another musician or group to complete the split release and commission a designer to create the EP’s artwork on a limited edition T-Shirt (Aren’t all tees limited edition?) which will include a download card. More info.

Here’s the opening head-swirling soulful track from Daedelus on the EP. The video above is the second track ‘LA Nocturn’.

Daedelus – C’est Super

Daedelus is back in Dublin on May 2nd and live he is incredible so go see. Has anyone listened to the bossa-nova type album he did with his wife recently? Haven’t been feeling it too much to post about it here. It’s called The Long Lost and it’s out on Ninja Tune.

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