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New Daedelus EP – Righteous Fists Of Harmony

New Daedelus EP – Righteous Fists Of Harmony

DaedelusGood news for fans of men doing delightful things with light boxes and noise. Daedelus is releasing a new EP called Righteous Fists Of Harmony on flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder on the 22nd of March in the first of the label’s internationally distributed releases.

The 8-track EP will be less beat-heavy than his last album Love to Make Music To if the bossanova-chill of ‘Order Of The Golden Dawn’ featuring his wife Laura Darlington and the accompanying celestial fairytale promo video featuring another EP tune ‘Fin De Siecle’ is anything to go by.

The title comes from the name of Chinese secret society and resistant fighters in the time of The Boxer Rebellion in 1898 who believed they had magical powers. They were martial artists, practised calisthenics, believed they were bulletproof and able to fly. Oh, and that they could raise the dead. Daedelus plays Dublin on March 31st. Tracklisting after the jump.

MP3: Daedelus – Order Of The golden Dawn″ />


1. An Armada Approaches
2. Tidal Waves Uprising
3. The Open Hand Avows
4. Order Of The Golden Dawn (featuring Laura Darling)
5. The Finishing of a Thing
6. Succumbing To (featuring Kid A)
7. Stampede Me (with Amir Yaghmai)
8. Fin De Siècle

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