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Nialler9 Podcast: David Holmes on making his 1997 classic album Let’s Get Killed

Nialler9 Podcast: David Holmes on making his 1997 classic album Let’s Get Killed

In 1996, the Belfast DJ and producer David Holmes travelled to New York to make a record. While hanging out in the Lower East Side and Alphabet City, Holmes and some pals, armed with a DAT recorder, dropped some acid and wandered around the city recording people for his upcoming LP.

A year later, that album, a classic record – 1997’s Let’s Get Killed was released, which imbued a cinematic world-building dance record with audio of the characters Holmes met on the New York streets with samples of 7″ records gifted to him by Terri Hooley, of Good Vibrations record shop in his hometown in Northern Ireland.

Holmes would go on to make the cinematic sing as a composer for soundtracks for Steven Soderbergh that includes Out of Sight, the Ocean’s Trilogy of films, alongside soundtracks for TV shows The Fall and Killing Eve. Holmes has never stopped DJing or creating, whether it’s the four albums he’s made with Unloved or producing a Noel Gallagher album.

This podcast is the story of how Let’s Get Killed bridges New York and Belfast in David Holmes’ own words, in conversation with Nialler9, along with some chat about the art and organisation of DJing and news of an upcoming dance-focused David Holmes album.

This conversation takes place ahead of the INY x Guinness Storehouse event on Sunday March 19th where David Holmes will be doing a public conversation with John Kelly about the record, and DJing alongside his old pal Billy Scurry.

We’ve some tickets to the sold out event on Insta.

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