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Listen to the new Death In Vegas album – Transmission

Listen to the new Death In Vegas album – Transmission


Death In Vegas’ Richard Fearless last appeared with new material in 2011, via Trans-Love Energies, dark electronic album which featured Austra’s Katie Stelmanis on vocals on two of the album’s tracks.

For his new release called Transmission out Friday, Fearless’ main vocal collaborator is former porn actress, artist and writer Sasha Grey. The pair bonded over a love of Throbbing Gristle and Chris & Cosey so it’s no surprise that the album delves into deep, dark synth drones and experimentalism as its bed.

In between, field recording samples of air traffic and a factory beside Fearless’ Metal Studios in London give it an industrial sheen while the synthesizers pulse, drum machines kick with trance and techno rhythms. Grey’s vocals are a discordant addition, and Transmission overall has the sense of a 66-minute long dystopian heady trip.

A Track by Track is at The Ransom Note.

The album is for sale at Phonica on Vinyl/CD.

Richard Fearless and Sasha Grey will be premiering their live A/V performance of Transmission at Berlin Atonal Festival in August.