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Delorentos’ Ro Yourell releases debut solo single ‘Freedom’

Delorentos’ Ro Yourell releases debut solo single ‘Freedom’

The Delorentos guitarist and singer launches his solo project.

Ro Yourell has released his debut solo single and video for ‘Freedom’ today. The Choice Prize-nominated artist’s song was produced by Tommy McLaughlin (Ailbhe Reddy, SOAK, Villagers) and addresses the “the rigidity of our structures and institutions, and the unwillingness of those in power to rectify inequality.”

“It’s my state of the nation address. Knowingly or otherwise, I’ve always been something of an outsider. Having struggled to fit into and understand the systems within which I grew up, I’m at a place in my life where I can look at them more objectively and better articulate their impact.”

Ro Yourell.

Watch the video for ‘Freedom’:

Delorentos are still a going concern, but as Yourell says, the band are four songwriters and they haven’t been able to make music together as they would have liked. That has lead to this solo project, and also Driven Snow, Kieran McGuinness’ project with his wife Emily.

“We’d been going solidly for the guts of 15 years by then, but got to a point where our lives were moving in different directions. Our band has always been about four songwriters working in collaboration. For the time being, we can’t make music the way we would like to, so it felt natural to take a pause.”

Ro Yourell

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