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DJing and breakdancing for under tens

DJing and breakdancing for under tens


Meet DJ Sara and DJ Ryusei – 8 and 5 years old respectively. We should all be ashamed.

More babies breakdancing and the best scene from 1984’s seminal breakdance movie Breakin’ after the jump.

What about this baby breakin’? Really going for it!

We watched Breakin’ over the weekend, the original breakdance movie which also features cute kids excelling at poppin’ and lockin’. Pick of this fantastically cheesy but extremely pleasing film is this street sweeping scene starring the character Turbo dancing to Kraftwerk’s “Tour de France”. Turbo (Michael Chambers) is 16 in this clip. Chambers is also credited as the guy who taught Michael Jackson how to moonwalk.

You can rent the film from Laser by the way.