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Dorian Concept – ‘Draft Culture’

Dorian Concept – ‘Draft Culture’

Dorian Concept’s second album Joined Ends is coming in September on Ninja Tune and the first track from the Austrian’s release, ‘Draft Culture’ showcases Oliver Thomas Johnson’s peculiar brand of percussive warped electronica.

The album is being described with references to “sonic geometry”, “a floating lucid dream”, “a deep trip into a synaesthetic wonderland”. ‘Draft Culture’ was the first track worked on the album that made him pursue these ideals using mainly a Wurlitzer electric piano and analogue synths that along with his background in Sound Design & Music Production at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences give the album a studious sonic ambient dancefloor appeal with a jazz edge. Instruments were recorded then sampled in favour of his normally trusted MicroKorg.

Dorian Concept - 'Draft Culture'

There will be live dates with a three piece band later this year in support.

Joined Ends Tracklist:

1. The Sky Opposite
2. Ann River, Mn
3. Mint
4. Clap Track 4
5. Draft Culture
6. —Schadentrauer
7. Nest Nest
8. The Few
9. Trophies
10. —Do, Undo, Redo
11. 11.04.2012
12. Tried (Now Tired)

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