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Download: CON VOS – Cocoon Bloom EP

Download: CON VOS – Cocoon Bloom EP


Irish folk singer Sorcha Richardson and New Jersey duo Fortunate Ones have showed us the fruit of their New York-based labours in two lovely tracks ‘Coast’ and ‘Central Park’ and this week they released the five-track Cocoon Bloom EP for a nice free download. You can donate too.

‘Central Park’ and ‘Coast’ have already showed the trio are working in an electronic disco world with some rap verses and of the previously unreleased tracks – ‘Daymare’ is more direct electronic guitar pop, ‘Coyote’ works a more upbeat angle and ‘Alaska’ has a more indie-pop vibe.

Richardson remains in control throughout the release, hers is a voice that is suitable for all these sounds – pleasing and distinctive. She still sounds young but her adept handling of harmonies and memorable melodies ties the whole thing together.

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