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Dragonette – Pick up the Phone (LehtMoJoe remix)

Dragonette – Pick up the Phone (LehtMoJoe remix)


lehtmojoe_dragonette I’ve been holding on to this tune for bloody months at this stage and finally got the OK to let it out into the ether. LehtmoJoe has already dropped some great remixes this year of Passion Pit and Major Lazer and this is his trilogy completed in my book.

Not a huge fan of the original tune from Toronto band Dragonette. You can see the video after the jump. What LehtMoJoe does is turn the original from some average 80’s sounding fare into a tune with an emotional punch by replacing the synths with acoustic guitar and amping up the chorus and backing vocals.

Dragonette – Pick up the Phone (LehtMoJoe remix)

Major Lazer – Hold The Line (LehtMoJoe remix)

Passion Pit – Little Secrets (LehtMoJoe remix)

Pick up his Royksopp feat. Fever Ray remix while you’re at it.

Royksopp feat. Karin Dreijer Andersson – This Must be it (LehtMoJoe remix)