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Dua Lipa’s escapist pop bangers & your questions answered (Nialler9 Podcast)

Dua Lipa’s escapist pop bangers & your questions answered (Nialler9 Podcast)

Episode 84 of the Nialler9 Podcast with Andrea and Niall once again, recorded in our new normal of social isolation and distancing over Skype with separate recordings spliced together.

Back to some level of normality with an album of the week from Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia, tracks from April, Car Seat Headrest, Everything is Recorded and The Scratch.

There’s Reasons To Be Cheerful, your Twitter questions answered and we delve into what’s consuming us in terms of TV, film, podcasts and music.



Reasons To Be Cheerful (6:08)

It’s the little things: favourite song playlists, comfort food, People Donating to Us, Silly videos from Tiktok, doing Quizzes on Zoom with friends, Andrea is learning the dance to Lady Gaga’s Judas and listening to OK Computer.

PG Goes Dance – Fort Romeau’s Peter Gabriel EP is available digitally.

We are doing a Music Quiz on Youtube this Saturday.

Your Questions Answered! (14:20)

Our favourite biscuits, favourite radio shows, what will happen when gigs and festivals return? Is it a good or bad time to release music? Which Father John Misty song would you live in?

Songs of the week (35:00)

  • The Scratch – Rat King
  • Car Seat Headrest – Martin
  • Everything is Recorded – 11:55am – featuring Infinite Coles and Maria Somerville
  • April – New Conditions

Album of the week (45:40)

Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia

An album of escapist pop bangers is maybe exactly what we need right now.

What’s Consuming You? (58:00)

Watching: Friends, Westworld Season 3, Rewatching The Sopranos

Listening to new albums from Melt Yourself Down – 100% Yes and The Chats – High Risk Behaviour

Reading: Anakana Schofield – Bina.

Podcast: Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

Closing track: Synthia Nixon – Quarantine #001

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