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Dublin Vinyl announces ‘Loves Vinyl’ subscription service

Dublin Vinyl announces ‘Loves Vinyl’ subscription service

Having just celebrated their first anniversary of bringing short-run vinyl pressings to Irish artists affordably, Dublin Vinyl this past week unveiled ‘Loves Vinyl’, a new ‘record club’ subscription service, running at €21-€30 monthly (depending on length of subscription), with free postage within Ireland and the U.K.

For your hard-earned, you get a ‘limited-edition’ album, a compilation E.P. curated by Dublin Vinyl’s staff, and a bonus collectable, all in a single box.

Albums for the box are yet to be announced, but the company promises “a curated selection of albums to help you build your collection: essentials, classics, rare and exclusives”.

If other programmes of its kind around the world are anything to go on, variant pressings of current or new-release material could be on the cards, and given the plant’s support for new Irish music, that some homegrown crate-digging could lead to some exciting exclusives.

Furthermore, the ‘Loves Vinyl’ compilation EPs have been confirmed as ‘members-only’ and not available in any stores, promising ‘brand-new and hidden treasures’, while the bonus collectables mooted for future boxes include test pressings, promo copies, various merchandise and art.

Dublin Vinyl’s ‘Loves Vinyl’ subscription is available here, with various subscription plans and pricing available. Issue one begins shipping on March 21st.

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