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Former LiR member David Hopkins impresses with ‘C’est La’

Former LiR member David Hopkins impresses with ‘C’est La’


David Hopkins was a member of the band LiR before he decided to switch things up and move to New York. While he had a brief flirtation with a job in a famous restaurant that ended in him being fired for throwing cutlery at the head chef, most of his music career has since worked out well with Hopkins’ being involved in The Who’s 2001 Quadrophenia Tour, Damien Rice’s 2010 album There Are Debts before going on to front his own band Bombay Heavy in 2014.

A chance meeting with Mark Stoermer lead to Hopkins producing The Killers’ man’s solo work.

Now, it’s Hopkins own turn to show his solo wares in the album Overlook, which is released on Stoermer’s label St. August Records on April 20th.

Lead single ‘C’est La’ is an impressive return to the fold, a song that melds psychedelic sounds with swoonsome strings, French touches and a laid-back rhythm. It’s a lovely reintro to a long-working artist.

Here’s another track from the record: