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DYVR & St. Bishop sing about infatuation & projecting ideals on ‘Ocean’

DYVR & St. Bishop sing about infatuation & projecting ideals on ‘Ocean’


DYVR is the London-born Belfast-based queer musical artist Adam Cleaver releasing music on the VETA label who has put out music from HAWK and Maria Kelly in the recent past.

Cleaver’s latest, ‘Ocean’ hooks up with Irish artist and VETA labelmate St. Bishop for a track that pairs mid-tempo electro stylings with lyrics about an infatuation and the hopeful projections we put on others.

The track is officially released on Friday 22nd:

“‘Ocean’ originally started about an infatuation I had at the time. Like most, I built up all these big ideas about who this person was, and why they were so wonderful, despite not really knowing them all that well. It occurred to me while I was writing the song that I was inventing a version of this person that fit my needs and was projecting it onto them. ”

“In the queer community – where expectations about what defines you can be so overbearing – these stories that we create about people in our heads can become even more extravagant.

“Treating people with kindness doesn’t have to mean going out of your way, it can be as simple as allowing space for that person to show you who they really are. We should all be trying harder to do that.”