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Eh Sweden, did you forget something?

Eh Sweden, did you forget something?


Hard luck to the Swedes last night but the Russians were flippin’ awesome. I wouldn’t normally get involved in international football squabbles but Sweden had it coming. Why?

For this monstrosity. It’s been 14 long, long years since ‘Cotton Eye Joe‘ became an international novelty hit. Since then the Swedes have given us The Cardigans, Robyn, José Gonzalez, The Knife and now Lykke Li. But they have been hiding a dark secret. Sweden, please tell me why you’ve been keeping the Rednex around on a retainer since then, piling up chart hits for fourteen years? Can you explain why you let them record THIS, ‘Football is Our Religion’, the unofficial Euro 2008 song? “Real geniuses on the grass” indeed…

Sample lyric – “The players are so cool / Get on the field / And play wonderful“.

I laugh now but if Ireland had qualified would it be any worse?

Yes.. The Rednex.