, Electric Picnic 2017: Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow, Heineken Live Your Music stage & more announced

Electric Picnic may be long sold out but we are still not near finding out the smaller stages in Stradbally.

Here are the latest bits:

Jerry Fish’s Electric Sideshow
Circus, cabaret, burlesque and sideshow performers from the U.K. and Ireland, & a lot of music including:

Kormac, Interference with Glen Hansard, Frank and Walters, R.S.A.G, Bantum, The Blizzards. Farah Elle, Wolff , Jem Mitchell, Veda and The Witches, David Keenan, Get Down Edits, The Kilo 1977, House of Yoga, The Fontaines, Columbia Mills, Desmond O’Connor, Trouble Pilgrims, Colin Perkins, Pontious Pilot and the Naildrivers, San Patricio Mariachi Band, Céili All-stars, The Sick and Indigent Song Club.

Heineken Live Your Music
DJ Yoda Stranger Things AV set, The Magician, Tough Love.

Mindfield’s Creative States has also been announced.
ILLUMINATE! hosted by Blindboy Boat Club, Cian Finn, Outerclass, Brave Giant, Mango and Mathman, Mr Hovis, Good Man Sheila, Skas Good Gravy, Movment, rappers Stone and Jezreel, Áine Tyrell , Susan O’ Neill (AKA son), Felispeaks