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The Nialler9 Electric Picnic DJ mix 2017

The Nialler9 Electric Picnic DJ mix 2017

For what is now an annual tradition, I present the Nialler9 Electric Picnic DJ mix put together by myself.

Featuring 22 songs and 26 artists all playing at Electric Picnic this weekend, this mix is for your pre-festival work prep, your packing, your journey down, your campsite (not too loud now), your car and your ears. It could also be enjoyed by someone not heading to Stradbally I suppose? You can catch me DJing Saturday @ Just Eat Retreat (7pm – 9pm)/ Sunday @ The Bold mOTel with Lumo Club (6pm – 9pm) and Red Bull Soundome (10pm – Midnight).

If you want to download it, sign up to the Nialler9 mailing list to get the link (Existing subscribers will get sent the link automatically in the next 24 hours) The mix is also available to listen via the Nialler9 Podcast.


  1. Aldous Harding – ‘Horizon’
  2. IDER – ‘Nevermind’
  3. Run The Jewels & DJ Shadow – ‘Nobody Speak’
  4. Vince Staples – ‘Big Fish’
  5. A Tribe Called Quest – ‘Bonita Applebum’ (12″ mix)
  6. Ships – ‘None Of It Real’
  7. Phoenix – ‘Listzomania’ (Classixx remix)
  8. Bantum, Rusangano Family & Senita – ‘Feel Your Rhythm’ (Daithí remix)
  9. Mura Masa & Bonzai – ‘Nuggets’
  10. Soulwax – ‘Do You Want To Get Into Trouble?’
  11. Krystal Klear – ‘Keith Haring’
  12. Le Boom – ‘What We Do’ (Mix & Fairbanks remix)
  13. The xx – ‘Shelter’ (Them Jeans remix)
  14. Kelly Lee Owens – ‘CBM’
  15. New Jackson – ‘Electric Blue’
  16. Bicep – ‘Aura’
  17. Phare – ‘Higher’ (Quinton Campbell remix)
  18. Kiasmos – ‘Thrown’
  19. Floating Points – ‘Nuits Sonores’
  20. Tiga – ‘3 Rules’
  21. Jagwar Ma – ‘Slipping’ (Soulwax remix)
  22. Chaka Khan – ‘I Feel For You’

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