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Eliot Lipp’s Electronic Beats

Eliot Lipp’s Electronic Beats


Eliot Lipp

Reading the latest issue of Foggy Notions reminded me of Eliot Lipp, but more specifically a podcast I downloaded back in October from his label Hefty Records, which is a 34 minute mix of Lipp tunes entitled “Electronic Beats” mixed by Lipp himself. It serves as a nice primer into his work as it features work from throughout his catalogue.

Lipp’s music appeals to fans of the inimitable Prefuse 73 (who released some of his material), as he serves up instrumental hip hop tracks with a distinct glossy electronic edge. The kind of hip hop I like basically. It’s more groove-driven and less cut-up than Prefuse. His latest album Tacoma Mockingbird was released a year ago this month is an electronic dedication to his hometown of Tacoma and from what I’ve heard from him so far, I’ll definitely be checking it out soon. For now though, dig into the “Electronic Beats” podcast and marvel at the guy’s obvious production talent. Also included is the awesome thumping “Rap Tight”.

Eliot Lipp – Electronic Beats

[audio: Lipp_Electronic_Beats.mp3]

Eliot Lipp – Rap Tight


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