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New Chemical Brothers track

New Chemical Brothers track


And it’s the 200th post on the blog since I started! Over at the Chemical Brothers MySpace, they’ve posted a preview of new material in the form of “Electronic Battle Weapon # 9”.

Vinyl enthusiasts may be aware that Tom and Ed like to pre-release some material on vinyl-only but in today’s digital age, that just won’t cut it. So, they’ve got a shoddy non-downloadable 96 Kbps bitrate version on Myspace to enjoy instead! YEAH! Sweet. Luckily, I’ve got a better quality version for you to enjoy anyway..

2005’s Push the Button album was a great Chemicals release, so I’m hoping for something similiar for their forthcoming album to help make their Electric Picnic ’07 appearance memorable. ;)

Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle Weapon 9

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