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Everything Shook – ‘Horror Show’

Everything Shook – ‘Horror Show’

Continuing Spooky Season, the ambient electronica, freak folk and gothic electro trio Everything Shook are back with an eerie new song in time for Halloween.

‘Horror Show’, from the band upcoming EP leans in on the seasonal time of foreboding with a song that they say “recalls the horror films of Dario Argento. “

The dark-electro tune uses horror imagery of sacrificial lambs, suspicious appearances and the taking of souls as an allegory for how a person can leave you feeling.

What did you do
To get a dead lamb
Laid at your door
Whose soul did you take
When you were taking mine too
Whose heart did you hunt
That they gave it up to you

Everything Shook are Áine Stapleton, Robyn Bromfield and Jessica Kenne, a three-piece electronic band from Dublin, Ireland.

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