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Fantastic Mr Fox remixes

Fantastic Mr Fox remixes



The original song “OK” from Glasgow’s Shitdisco is adequate Klaxons-esque, supposed “New Rave” fare but the Fantastic Mr. Fox remix is more my kind of thing. It’s a grimier, dirtier version of the song which adds MCing to the track takes a turn towards a more danceable second half when the original’s fuzzy bass riff kicks in.

Fantastic Mr. Fox also did a remix of an MC Riz song “Post 9-11 Blues” an interesting commentary on post 9-11 media – “Everyone do the post 9-11 dance / Look scared / Shake your arse / While the bombs go blast”. Speaking of post 9-11 commentary, check out Chris Morris and Armando Ianucci’s satirical Terror’s march backwards. Choice fictional quote:

‘If you run the twin towers footage backwards, the towers stand up again – we need to ask why has the footage only ever been run forwards?’
Noam Chomsky


Shitdisco – OK (Fantastic Mr Fox remix)


MC Riz – Post 9-11 Blues (Fantastic Mr Fox remix)


More nice beats and sampling from Fantastic Mr Fox including a Nina Simone remix ‘ere and ‘ere.