Fatima Yamaha’s 2016 DJ favourite ‘Love Invaders’ has a video

You know the story of Fatima Yahama’s ‘What’s A Girl To Do’ by now, but last November, the Dutch producer released a very good album in Imaginary Lines which had up-to-date dancefloor jams like ‘Love Invaders’, ‘Sooty Shearwater, King Of Migration’ and ‘Borderless II’ to name three highlights on it.

The video explores the identity of a Fatima, creator and subject of the music.

Fatima Yamaha is not only the creator of this music, she is also the subject of it. Each song explores the concept, the life, the joys and struggles of a girl born between worlds. Born between ages. Too many words might upset this delicate self-exploratory cycle.

Some Love Invaders remixes also dropped in the past week by Breakbot, Redinho and Africans With Mainframes.

Fatima Yahama is playing Metropolis later this year.

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