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Fia Moon finds strength in fluidity in ‘Water Runs Through’

Fia Moon finds strength in fluidity in ‘Water Runs Through’


Fia Moon is a Dublin native who piqued our attention with ‘Settle Down’ earlier this year and has sustained it with a string of high calibre tracks since. Her follow up single ‘Take‘, produced by Slang, proved to be a bonafide banger with clear pop influences and R&B lacings, rendering Fia a definite one to watch in the Irish music scene.

Fia was born into a family of jazz and classical musicians, and received classical vocal training from the age of five. Equally inspired by the jazz voices of Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald, she translates an eclectic mix of influences into a cohesive, modern sound that is meriting her acclaim within the Irish music scene and beyond.

Her new single ‘Water Runs Through‘ follows in similar vein to previous tracks with irresistible vocal melodies and smooth keys, contrasted by metallic percussion and stuttering synths. Her voice glides airily over the instrumentation, rising and falling in all of the right places. Lyrically, the song is an ode to independence and confidence, a theme that we can all get on board with: “you can’t stop the river the water runs through”.

The track asserts that Fia is carving a niche for herself as a promising new pop artist, and is certainly bringing something new and diverse to the Irish music scene. We can’t wait to hear more.