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New Fight Like Apes – ‘Poached Egg’

New Fight Like Apes – ‘Poached Egg’


Fight Like Apes are due to release their awesomely-titled second album The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner on August 27th on Model Citizen records. The album was produced by Andy Gill of Gang of Four. You may have heard ‘Hoo Ha Henry’ already (if not click more), here’s track seven from the album, ‘Poached Egg’, which is centred around the repeating phrase “When thumbs get split / chicks get lit”:

Pre-order a signed copy of the album from Tower where the band will play a exclusive midnight mass set on August 26th. Tracklisting below.

Fight Like Apes – Hoo Ha Henry


  1. Come On, Let’s Talk About Our Feelings
  2. Jenny Kelly
  3. Pull Off Your Arms And Lets Play In Your Blood
  4. Hoo Ha Henry
  5. Katmandu (Face It, You’re Caviar, I’m Hotdogs)
  6. Thank God You Weren’t Thirsty (Lightbulb)
  7. Poached Eggs
  8. Captain A-Bomb
  9. Waking Up With Robocop
  10. Indie Monster
  11. H + Z5 Together At Last
  12. Ice Cream Apple Fuck