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Fight Like Apes – ‘Pretty Keen On Centerfolds’

Fight Like Apes – ‘Pretty Keen On Centerfolds’


Fight Like Apes have just returned from SXSW in Texas, and they’re ready for more action, as it appears their long-awaited third album, which will be self-titled, is coming out on Alcopop! Records on May 15th.

‘Pretty Keen On Centerfolds’ got its first play on radio yesterday. The song first appeared as a demo a couple of years back. True to the band’s effervescent synth punk-pop style, the song is a bright three minutes with May Kay sounding at her best singing of Tubular Bells and Centrefolds but “no-one’s gonna love me for that”.


1. I Am Not A Merryman
2. Crouching Bees
3. Pop Itch
4. The Schillaci Sequence
5. Didya
6. Numbnuts
7. Pretty Keen On Centrefolds
8. The Hunk and the Funpalace
9. I Don’t Want To Have To Mate With You
10. Baywatch Nights
11. Maevis Beacon Annihilation
12. Carousel

Artwork: Loreana Rushe.