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First Listen: Anderson’s beguiling debut album Patterns

First Listen: Anderson’s beguiling debut album Patterns


After his time with the indie-rock band The Rags came to an end, Daniel Anderson found himself at a junction: give up the dream, go back to labouring on building sites or pursue the musical muse.

In a way, Anderson did both. Granted a plot of land, he put his physical skills to work to serve his creative brain, and built a studio so he could give himself the the time to explore a new sound.

That industry is in evidence in the video that was shared a lot this week where Daniel sells his self-produced, played and arranged record door to door.

Patterns is immersed in classic orchestral band arrangements with nods to late 60s pop and early 70s singer-songwriters. Anderson’s voice has an old-fashioned earnest delivery to it that matches this classic-style.

Highlights include the nostalgic ‘History’ (which was introduced with a family VHS video), the jaunty title track, the edifying storytelling song ‘Vincent’ and the beguiling Beatles-esque ‘Cecilia’s Sister’.

Patterns is one of the best Irish records released this year, toiled over in more ways than one.

Buy the album direct from Anderson.

Live dates:
Tonight – free in Abner Brown’s
Saturday – Tower Records – 1pm
October 9th – Cork Coughlans
October 16th – Dublin Dublin Unitarian Church Ireland

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