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First Listen: Everything Shook’s gothic electro debut Drinking About You

Robyn Bromfield, Jessica Kennedy, Áine Stapleton’s music as Everything Shook falls somewhere between ambient electronica, freak folk and gothic electro.

“Friday night on the dancefloor, Sunday night falling in the door.”

Drinking About You‘s the trio’s debut album is centred on late nights including “objectification, alcohol, disenchantment and big cities.” It has an eerie atmosphere to it, synths gurgle like AFX Ambient Works and voices hang like gossamer harmonic threads. The presence of an underbelly of dread, dystopian urban living and disconnection are felt throughout; a horror soundtrack for modern living.

Highlights include the hypnotic goth pop of ‘I Got A Gun’, the bewitched abandon of ‘Friday Night’, the unrelenting chant of ‘Come Back To Mine’ and the danger-filled ‘I Walked By Your House’.

The band launch the album in the Dublin Food Co-Op this Saturday with support from White Collar Boy, Donal Dineen and Patrick Kellehr.

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