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Free album: CocknBullKid – Adolescence

Free album: CocknBullKid – Adolescence


 CocknBullKid - Adolescence

It’s a path that occurs way too often in pop. A promising young artist gets noticed for their idiosyncratic take on pop and then proceeds to be stripped of each interesting trait until nothing but a sanitised blandness remains. Back in 2009, Anita Blay aka CocknBullKid impressed with a series of singles (‘I’m Not Sorry’, ‘Boys And Girls’, ‘There’s A Mother In Our Bed’). Then last year’s debut album Adulthood was released and followed the above law. It was… a bit crap.

So another album leaked last week called Adolescence that features those early songs that held so much promise.

Adolescence is not perfect but it does offer up an alternative non-sanitised reality.

Download it CocknBullKid –

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