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Free! Herv – Ramps mix

Free! Herv – Ramps mix

Excellent vid for Herv’s ‘lost me’ by the dude(ttes) at Polygon Farmer

Here’s one that’s been sitting on my jiggawhat for quite a while now, and probably lying around a lot longer according to it’s creator, Herv. This Dublin-based laptop wizard has been knocking about for a few years now, churning out an impressive number of quality releases (including Customer the sublime nialler9 readers top-ten Irish release), and making the hordes go spastic wherever he’s brought his electrifying one-man gameboy mash-fest. I’ve felt compelled to do a post on this for a while, but haven’t really had the time, and I’m sure you’ll think it worth the wait. What you have basically is a 31 minute mix of some of Herv’s older, less well-known tracks. A snippet from the Alphabet Set website will suffice for a description

He has stepped back to the old school, back in time where melodies & rhythm combine in a open place, where electronica, techno, electro and jungle are married together through a common sentiment…

Er… Indeed. Regardless, I reckon the release is bloody great but if I were to be violently threatened, standout moments for me would be the aphexy goodness around 8 minutes in and that mad old school tune at around 21 minutes. Funky as hell. The best thing about Ramps is, wait for it…. IT’S FREE! Yes, free for download from the Alphabet Set dowloads section (and the link below of course). The site is worth a perusal for the other quality free sets on offer. Herv has a few other free (and otherwise) tidbits already available, and more in the pipeline. Just check out his hervspace and have a look.

His next gig is at the Super Extra Bonus Party album launch party with Kill City Defectors and Terrordactyl at the Voodoo Lounge (changed to Friday 13th April – ooh scary!).

Herv – Ramps


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