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Free shit! Backlash passes

Free shit! Backlash passes


Photo courtesy of Ian Oliver.

Thursday night (27th), Super Extra Bonus Party and Le Bien are playing Backlash along with Funboi and Mark Allton in the club room from 11pm. I have 3 pairs of tickets to giveaway to those who want them.

I’m learning my way around mixing at the moment, more fun than anything else. I have one in the can which I’m going to throw up here on Friday. So to tie in with all that, the first three people to leave a comment telling me what their favourite mix is at the moment, gets a pair of passes each.

Also, on Saturday night, the Shock boys are having their first birthday bash in Kennedys with Rory Phillips (Durrr/OurDisco, London) Jon Averilll & Fallout Boy. Loads of info on that here. From what I’ve heard about Rory Phillips, his sets are worth catching. Check out the Shock site for a podcast mix and intaview. Another mix available at BigStereo.

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