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Friday Playlist


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I don’t normally post so many songs at once but I’m in a buoyant mood and I’ve been listening to these songs a lot which may have helped. This music combined with being off work today and a busy weekend ahead taking in Saturday at Oxegen has probably attributed to my sunny disposition. Plus Animal Collective and the Go! Team are playing and I only got a ticket yesterday so it’s fresh anticipation that’s got me in a good mood. If anybody is in Limerick tonight, head along to the Trinity Rooms where Super Extra Bonus Party will be playing with visuals from myself. Should be a banger..

Without further ado –

The Upsetters – Cloak and Dagger
See that strapline in the header up there ? Greetings Music Lovers? That’s from this song.

Animal Collective – Who Could win a Rabbit
In anticipation of Saturday night, I’ve been listening to a lot of Animal Collective. This is from ‘Sung Tongs’.

Sonic Youth – Reena

From new album ‘Rather Ripped’. I’ve only really discovered Sonic Youth in the last month. In the past I couldn’t see what the fuss was about until I heard ‘Dirty Boots’. This tune has some nice vocals from Kim Gordon and is bright and breezy.

Jeffrey Lewis – The Singing Tree
Beautiful song from the ‘City & Eastern songs’ album Jeff did with his brother Jack. Listen to the subtle guitar phrasing.

The Kills – Love is a Deserter.mp3
If you like this song, look out for the MSTRKRFT and Simian Mobile Disco remixes.

The New Pornographers – The Jessica Numbers
Not news to those of you in Canada and the US, but have a low profile over in Ireland and the UK. Straight up Indie Rock with nice harmonies and melodies.

Nomo – Nu Tones.mp3

First heard on the Short Attention Span radio Podcast who first heard them from Bethanne at Clever Titles are so last Summer, Nomo are a “post-afrobeat dance explosion” and they are excellent. This track is taken from their new album ‘New tones’ and sounds like Konono no.1

Manu Chao – Le Petit Jardin
Taken from Manu Chao’s latest ‘Sibérie M’était Contée’ which doesn’t seem to be released here at all. It’s typical Manu Chao but that’s not a bad thing. Himself is playing Oxegen on the Main Stage (WTF?) on Sunday.

Pavement – Shady Lane
No explanation needed.

Pretty Girls make Graves – Speakers push the Air
It’s all about the music .. maaaan. Love the vocals.

Wolf Parade – Shine A Light
Great track from one of ‘Apologies to Queen Mary’ , one of my favourite albums of the last 6 months.

Beck – Broken Drum – Boards of Canada Remix.mp3
Boards of Canada did justice to a track that made my Top 20 songs of last year.

Fridge – Cutup_Piano and Xylophone

Before Four Tet, Kieran Hebden was in Fridge. This is one of their best tracks. An ambient scorcher.

Toy – Rabbit Pushing Mower
This song featured on Annie’s DJ Kicks compilation and is a bizarre happy instrumental synth pop song.

The Avalanches-Since I Left You – Cornelius Remix
Another class remix from Cornelius.

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