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From the Basement mp3s

From the Basement mp3s

Now that From the Basement is available for broadcast to your computer screen or for download to your iPod, a kind reader sent on two mp3 rips of the Thom Yorke session from the show. The two songs are entitled “Videotape” and “Down is the new Up”. Not sure if they will end up on the new Radiohead album due 2007 but Thom himself had this to say about it –

“The session features solo performances of “Videotape” and “Down Is The New Up” – two new tracks from the forthcoming Radiohead album, due to be released in 2007.”

Oh really?

Says who?
They obviously know more than i do myself.
We don’t know what will make it to the record, neither do they, neither do you.
It drives me nuts the way people take it upon themselves to fluff stuff up like this.

I just played a couple of songs on piano that happened to be ones that the band were working on at the time.
And that was quite a while ago now. Sheesh.

Well whether they are are or not they are still worth a listen. If you like what you heard, head over to From the Basement to get the full video. The next episode is to feature Beck and Jamie Lidell.

Down is the New Up


Update: It appears they have fixed any reference to the songs featuring on the the new Radiohead album as Thom says here. God, the interweb works fast!

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