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Fryars – ‘Prettiest Ones Fly Highest’

Fryars – ‘Prettiest Ones Fly Highest’

Fryars, aka London man Benjamin Garrett last featured here, about this time last year for his excellent ‘Cool Like Me’ single. He sometimes plays with Lily Allen and was notable since for letting a journalist go beyond a “backstage” piece to actually play live in the band.

He’s had a few songs since then but new single ‘Prettiest Ones Fly The Highest’ has that previously-featured track’s sense of sonic fun, as it falls somewhere between soul, rap vocal interlude pisstake and pop gem. It’s from Fryars’ album Power, which is out in November (aaaages away) on Fiction but features those two songs in the pre-order. Fryars is also on the new Rae Morris single.

FRYARS – POWER // Track list

  1. Power Up)
  2. On Your Own
  3. In My Arms
  4. Don’t Make It Hard On Yourself
  5. Love So Cold
  6. Prettiest Ones Fly Highest
  7.  (Dialogue 1)
  8.  China Voyage
  9.  Sequoia
  10. Can’t Stop Loving You
  11.  The Power
  12. (Dialogue 2)
  13. Thing Of Beauty
  14. (Tide You Over)
  15.  Cool Like Me
  16. (Over And Out)