Gadget and the Cloud addresses anxiety and depression with new video & track ‘It Never Felt Right’

Gadget and the Cloud is Kelly Doherty who is known for her ambient electronic productions, eclectic DJ sets and until recently she also contributed to this site as a music writer.

Following up her Songs for Sad People to Dance To LP and singles like ‘Too Soon To Say’, Kelly is to release new EP Things I’ll Never Say tomorrow, September 25th 2020.

Today, Kelly has a new music video for one of the tracks from the EP, ‘It Never Felt Right’ by Cork film production company Wishbone Media. The clip is a suitable accompaniment to the song’s shimmering dreamlike feel, reflecting the fight to overcome anxiety and depression in daily life.

“We’re all strong-armed into believing if we do enough or acquire enough, we’ll find our purpose and live a fulfilled life. Things I’ll Never Say is about the moments of purposelessness that are inevitable for us all and trying to find hope even in your most lost moments.” 

Kelly Doherty.

Gadget And the Cloud on Twitter.

Things I’ll Never Say will be released on all major streaming services on September 25, 2020.

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