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Galway is a state of mind

Galway is a state of mind

Apologies for what I’m about to inflict upon you. Pseudo-hippy HannaH*s Field and her dreadlocked white wannabe-Rasta mate decided to record a song about the pleasures of smoking weed/mouldy hash/doob etc called ‘Puff Puff Give’. These modern day gypsy “warriors of love” give it to us straight. “Use, enhance your mind / Helps the blind / rocks DJs to rhyme on time” and “Good in da brownie, Rice Krispie treat / groovin’, dancin’ in bare feet”. Apparently a guitar, a bongo and a white guy with dreadlocks can establish a new genre called “gypsy reggae”. I can almost hear you wretch as you read this. This is not a joke I assure you. See the website. The indirect result is the best anti-drug propaganda ever made.

This one is dedicated to the crusties and hippies smoking the ‘erb down by the Spanish Arch.

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