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Gavin James is bringing his own air filtration system on tour in 2022

Gavin James is bringing his own air filtration system on tour in 2022


Gavin James is one Irish artist who tried his best to make things work for live music since the pandemic hit. The drive-in concerts he was due to play didn’t work out last summer, but with no real end on the horizon, James is approaching 2022 with a more practical solution for his tour next year.

While ventilation has been talked about as a solution for indoor venues, James’ tour will be bringing air filters to every venue in an attempt to make make venues safer for those in attendance.

Gavin has teamed up with Irish company Mia Air to bring their portable HEPA Filtration Systems with him on his 13-date Irish tour.

 “As we continue to live with Covid, the live music industry has been one of the most affected and it has caused extreme problems for everyone working in it – not just the artists, but the technicians, engineers and other staff. I’m delighted to be able to provide an extra level of safety for our fans and crew in the upcoming indoor shows.”

Gavin James.

 Mia Air managing director, David Byrne said:

“The high efficiency particulate absorbing (Hepa) filters have already been rolled out in German schools – significantly removing the need for ventilation during the winter months,” said. The systems trap and destroy airborne particles and viruses before pumping out clean air through a fan, and are capable of multiple air changes per hour.

The Gavin James tour dates are:

April 02 Opera House,Cork

April 03 Opera House,Cork

April 11 Opera House,Wexford

April 15 Leisureland, Galway

April 16 Leisureland, Galway

April 17 Royal theatreCastlebar

April 18 Millennium Forum, Derry

April 21 Telegraph Belfast, Belfast

April 22 Knocknarea Arena, Sligo

April 23 INEC Arena, Killarney

April 29 LakeLand Session Mullingar

May 31 Limerick King Johns Castle

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