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Gaz Le Rock is.. Retarded Cop

Gaz Le Rock is.. Retarded Cop

By now, you should be hooking yourself up with DJ Gaz Le Rock’s weekly 30 minute rush of amazing punk and garage tunes in The Loving Room Floor on 2XM, so to that end you should now also be hooking yourself up with the former Moutpiece singer’s new project Retarded Cop.

The project started with the tune above ‘Don’t Touch That Dial’ which serves as the most awesome radio jingle ever. Since then, Gaz has been recording and turning out catchy pop punk tunes nearly every week at the moment and he’s currently recording a debut LP proper. He’s putting together a full live band with two drummers but there are plenty of tunes and videos to savour in the meantime and a couple of tunes on iTunes and Bandcamp to buy.


RETARDED COP – I’m going back in time


RETARDED COP -The Unlucky One

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