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Happy Hardcore Valentines?

Happy Hardcore Valentines?



If you are looking for something different to do tonight, you’re in luck. Something very cool sounding is happening in Christchurch Cathedral and it’s FREE in.

Temple Bar Gallery and Studios in association with the artist Matt Stokes and Christchurch Cathedral present Sacred Selections, a live pipe organ recital featuring experimental transcriptions of underground music at 8pm.

Paul Ayres performs Happy Hardcore tunes as recognisable and playable music on a pipe organ. With its mix of celebratory, uplifting tunes based around hectic breakbeats and rapid pace, Happy Hardcore creates an infectious energy that harks back to the golden era of UK rave. The eclectic choice of anathemic tracks performed at Sacred Selections has been selected by one of Hardcore’s most renowned dj/producers and span a decade.

OMG! Imagine that massive organ in Christchurch playing Happy Hardcore!

Specifically …

“Shooting Star” – c
“Midnight Express”- Hopscotch
“Braveheart” – Joining of the Clans
“Stay With Me” – Sy & Demo
“Power Of Love” – Q-Tex
“Heart Of Gold” – Force and Styles

Music selected by: DJ Sy (Quosh Records)
Transcribed for the organ by: John Riley ( St Paul ‘s & St George’s Episcopal Church, Edinburgh )
Performed by: Paul Ayres ( St George’s Church, Hanover Square , London )

Not sure what to expect? Here’s a rendition of Q-Tex’s Power of Love..

I’m sold. More info here

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