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Hard Working Class Heroes Line-up

Hard Working Class Heroes Line-up

, Hard Working Class Heroes Line-up
, Hard Working Class Heroes Line-up

, Hard Working Class Heroes Line-up

Forget about this dull and predictable Arcade Fire ticket fiasco, here’s the lineup for the Hard Working Class Heroes festival which takes place on the weekend of my burfday on the 27th/28th of September in the POD complex. My boys the Bonus Party are there, as well as other nialler9 recommended artists such as Channel One, Chicks (Have they returned?), Dark Room Notes, Cathy Davey, Dry County, Fight Like Apes (sure they are playing every festival going), Halves, Miriam Ingram, Ten Past Seven, White Noise and You’re Only Massive. These bands will be joined by 14 others from Northern Europe which have yet to be announced.

The line up is after the jump:

Angel Pier
Autumn Owls
The Black Tokens
The Blonde Majority
Channel One
chrome horse
Colenso parade
The Chakras
Cry Yuma
rhob cunningham
Dark Room Notes
Cathy Davey
Declan de Barra
Dirty Epics
Dry County
Mick Duffy
The Elliots
evil harrissons
fifteen minutes
Fight Like Apes
The Flaws
Floyd Soul and the Wolf
Paula Flynn
Valerie Francis
Gavin Glass
The Ghostwood Project
Grand Pocket Orchestra
Green Lights
Ham Sandwich
hassle merchants
Ray Heffernan
Hooray for Humans
Miriam Ingram
Walter Mitty & The Realists
Jaded Sun
kill city defectors
The Keds
Michael Knight
The Kybosh
The Laundry Shop
Les Bien
Jenny Lindfors
Loko Parentis
Los Langeros
The Minutes
My Brother Woody
The Negative Way
New Amusements
Not Men But Giants
OMB and the Furious Tree
One Day International
Panda Kopanda
Paranoid Visions
Push Borders
Queen Kong
The Radio
gavin ryan
seeping into cinemas
The Sensors
Sub Rosa
Super Extra Bonus Party
Ten Past Seven
The Terribles
tidal district
We Should be dead
White Noise
Youre Only Massive

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