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Hard Working Class Heroes – Sunday

Hard Working Class Heroes – Sunday


Sunday @ Hard Working Class Heroes ended in a whimper rather than a bang for me as the combination of the previous three nights, a football-related injury and the Peaches show left me jaded. I did manage to catch Butterfly Explosion in Spirit who were excellent. I had two great videos of “Score” and “Sophia” but a problem with my camera means they are lost forever. I missed Robotnik and Les Bien prior to that but I had seen them both before so it was not a big deal.

The Things were in fine form in the open air at the Meeting House Square tearing through a rip-roaring set and pissing off the soundman royally with singer Neil knocking the drumkit over and giving the soundman the fingers after the band’s sound was cut.

And so to the special guest of the festival weekend – Peaches. She had come to show the Irish prudes what’s it’s like to be a real sexual being. Y’know cos singing about dicks and sex and fucking is SO liberating. Her music can (and should be) taken with a grain of salt but we could still expect an entertaining show right? Wrong. Her show bored the pants off me and not in the sexually suggestive way associated with Peaches. Wait, there’s nothing suggestive about a Peaches show, it’s a full on sex extravaganza. And that’s the problem, no subtlety means a show consisting of giant inflatable penises, simulated willy shaking and lyrics like “Shake your Dix / Shake your tits”.

A lot of the songs were poor glam rock pastiches and were musically dull. “Shake your Dix” was probably the best song of the night due to the synth line of the song but even “Fuck the Pain Away” lacked the rawness of the recorded version when played by the live band. The sound yet again was weak in the Meeting House Square, standing in the middle of the crowd Peaches herself was barely audible.

A disappointing end to an enjoyable weekend but I was too wrecked to care anymore.

*image taken from to illustrate my point.

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