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Hard Working Class Heroes – Saturday

Hard Working Class Heroes – Saturday

Channel One HWCH

I had a great night last night although I’m very hungover at the moment. We started the night in the Spirit rock room at Kill City Defectors. Their brand of funk rock is very appealing and conductive to having a wee dance. Having extra percussion in the form of cowbells and Djembe drums helps that and the synths are a nice addition to the funk sound.

We met up with Bobby from Hi-Fi Popcorn and headed over to Channel One in the Meeting House Square. I was surprised by the small crowd and the sound was terrible. The vocals were very low and despite my efforts it didn’t get sorted. It was not the best set I’ve heard them do and they were missing a guitarist but they have strong songs and are capable of a great set if the crowd is up for it. Check out the video (8 minutes long) of These Roads.


Channel One – These Roads live at HWCH


We headed back over to the Rock Room in Spirit for The Mighty Stef’s full band set. The sweaty basement lent itself very well to Stef’s rock ‘n’ roll show complete with 3 backing singers. Stef seemed to enjoy “sweating into a girl’s pint” as he tells us on his myspace blog.

We hung around for Noise Control‘s electro-rock set. I’d seen them before in a near empty venue but their set was perfectly suited to the sweaty packed club vibe. An excellent choice for the last set on Saturday night. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m bloody wrecked.

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