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Hare Squead’s major label debut single is here

Hare Squead’s major label debut single is here


Anyone interested in new music in Ireland will have been keeping an eye on Hare Squead.

It was October 2014 at Hard Working Class Heroes when I first saw Tony Konstone, Jessy Rose and E-Knock play live and their R&B-swerved into electronic pop / rap style was something that has not really existed in Ireland to the level that Hare Squead were clearly on their way too.

Last year, the trio signed to Sony/Columbia Records in the UK and when a band who are still figuring out their sound sign to a major there’s always the worry they will be pushed into the tested formula box.

‘If I Ask You’, the band’s first single for the label suggests otherwise. It’s a song that they’ve been playing live for those two years, and in recorded form, it bangs, a confident track that has an eye on a Shazam chart but doesn’t sacrifice anything that the band have built up.

The song is up on download & streaming sites.

See Hare Squead live support De La Soul at the Olympia on June 16th, at Castlepalooza & Longitude.