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Have you heard the new Bloc Party tune?

Have you heard the new Bloc Party tune?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Bloc Party’s attempt at number one / dancefloor success? The synthetic vocodered vocals suggest so, as any song with that effect automatically goes to Top Ten and annoys the shit out of every sane person on the planet. Like this one for example. 15 million Youtube users agree. OK OK. Youtube comments are not exactly the most profound, typically like this one for example – “i like this song…Beautiful girls…and you know i like the voice of the singer he sings very nice…… i really enjoy watching and listening this song… ang saya nito promiz…and guess what…! this is my ringtone in my cellphone 🙂“). Ahem, yes. Thanks for that.

Back to the tune. It’s called “Flux” and has got a thumping house beat with an arpeeggiated Korg synth. It’s bizarre and it’s the new single out on November 12th.

Listen to it here (@ Good Weather for Airstrikes) then report back with here what you think!

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