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Hazey Haze pays homage to hometown in new video for ‘Came Off The Bank’

Hazey Haze pays homage to hometown in new video for ‘Came Off The Bank’


Hazey Haze is showing appreciation to the city he grew up in, with the music video for ‘Came Off The Bank’, the seventh track off his latest album, Epitome.

The music video, shot and edited by Dean Fitzgerald, sees Hazey praise his home, The Island Field in Limerick city. Hazey said the video is “stories of what we found along the river of the Island Bank and how hometown acceptance has me feeling a strange happy.”

Fitzgerald, who has collaborated with Hazey in the past, said he wanted to keep the video grounded “to show the nature of where Hazey is from and what built him up to be the monster he is today.”

A love of his hometown has crept through in previous releases from Hazey, like the 2019 track ‘This Is My City’.

The tune was mixed by Danny Lanham who also provided instrumentation. ‘Came Off The Bank’ was mastered by Seán Murray, also known as DJ Replay, and recorded at Dry Lane Studios.

‘Came Off The Bank’ is the seventh track off Hazey’s latest release, Epitome, that hit streaming platforms in September 2021. The 11-track album features guest vocals from Denise Chaila and Seán O’Meara.

You can catch Hazey and fellow riverside city artist Citrus Fresh shaking tackie at All Together Now this year alongside a plethora of top Irish performers.

Check out the album here.