This steel band version of 50 Cent’s ‘P.I.M.P’ is a classic cover

I love Steel band covers.

Esso Trinidad Steel Band covering MJ’s ‘I Want You Back’? Check.

Trinidad Steel Band covering The Meters’ ‘Cissy Strut’? Check

Steel Harmony covering Joy Division’s ‘Transmission’? FUCK YEAH.

We have Germany’s Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band to thank for this excellent Calypso steel drum version of 50 Cent’s ‘P.I.M.P’, a cover that removes all of the song’s grossest elements (all the 50 Cent bits) and leaves us with a steel band Summer jam.

It was originally released in 2008 (and sells for a wedge on Discogs) but it’s been re-released and kicks off the band’s debut album 55 on the New York label Big Crown, which also features covers of Faith Evan’s ‘Love Like This’:

The album is a fun listen:

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