, Hear the Four Tet-produced Roots Manuva track ‘Facety 2:11’

There’s always a worry that a talented rapper such as Roots Manuva will only be remembered for his greatest hit, in Rodney Smith’s case ‘Witness The Fitness’.

In my opinion, his last great album was 2005’s Awfully Deep though 2008’s Slime & Reason has its moments and 2013’s ‘Stolen Youth’ was a return to form. But it’s good to hear a Roots Manuva track with production by one of the best. Four Tet provides a weird “boat race”-featuring rhythm for Smith on ‘Facety 2:11’ (Facety is patois slang for being rude). The end result is a weird and wonky tune that makes Smith sound vital and current too.

The B-side features production from Machinedrum too so it may not be a one off for the album to come.

The song is on iTunes and vinyl.