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Heavy mental Micachu remix

Heavy mental Micachu remix

micachu2 I woke up this morning to an almighty consistent clatter of metal on metal below my window. Disorientated and bleary eyed, I peered out over the balcony to see a dude in a high-vis jacket operating a large mechanical claw from the side of a truck. He was lifting what looked like large parking meters or vending machines into the back of the vehicle, piling them up like abandoned cars. He would send them crashing down on each other when the claw let go of whatever it was that was deemed unfit for public consumption anymore. Due to the fact that I had just woken up, my brain couldn’t comprehend what was actually happening.

It was a nice, strange illogical place my brain was occupying at the time. This visceral remix snapped me out of any trip to spaceland I might have had afterwards and manages to use that crashing-things-off-each-other ethos quite well. It’s from the Rough Trade c09 cassette which you can see at Dalston Oxfam Shop. Jewellry, Micachu’s debut is “a gloriously messy album, imbued with a sense of fun and abrasion”. I said it so it must be true.

I’m off to Waterford for Friendly Fires tonight and Galway for SEBP the next night.

Micachu – Lips (Clark Kunt’s Heavy Mental remix)

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